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William and Harry getting Sticky Fingers in Memphis

Princes’ William and Harry will be in Memphis this weekend for the wedding of one of their best friends Guy Pelly. And what better place for the boys to “pig out?”  Both William and Harry love BBQ and especially baby back ribs. As teenagers when I was cooking for them at Kensington Palace they requested them all the time much to Nanny’s disgust. “They should be eating roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables” she used to say ” Not this American rubbish” but whenever Princess Diana asked what they wanted to eat it was always ” Can we have BBQ ribs, loaded potato skins, corn on the cob and baked beans” Princess Diana would opt for a salad.

Sadly though, while my ribs were “sort of OK” (Harry) They loved when Princess Diana would take them out on a Friday night to Rolling Stones Bill Wymans “Sticky Fingers ” restaurant in Kensington. It was their favorite restaurant in London. That’s why I know this weekend both boys will find time to get “sticky fingers” and pig out on some BBQ ribs.

But with so much choice, who does the best ribs in Memphis ? Well in my opinion… they have to pay a visit to Charles Vergo’s Rendezvous The best ribs in Memphis !

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