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Visit the Windsor Castle Round Tower – It’s Haunted

if you have any plans to visit the UK this year for the Olympics, Diamond Jubilee or just vacation then it might be worth a stop off at Windsor Castle. I’m sure those that have been to London before have already checked it off their “to do list” as the Castle is one of Britain’s major attractions. However, The Royal Collection have just opened the Round Tower for tourists to climb to the top where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Castle and Windsor Great Park, the Thames Valley and the London skyline.

I remember not long after starting work in the royal kitchens I was sent to Windsor Castle to cook for The Queen and her guests and a private tour was arranged for me and another chef. We had heard that the round tower was haunted and my chef friend was nervous about this part of the tour. As the guide took us from room to room each time David would ask ” Is this room haunted ? ” or ” have you ever seen a ghost in this room ? ”

I could see the guide was getting irritated and as we entered the last room and David once again asked ” have you ever seen a ghost in this room? “the guide replied ” Sir, I can honestly say that in all of the years I have worked here at the Castle I have never seen a ghost” To which David then asked ” Well how long have you been here ? ” … “200 years” said the guide as David turned as white as his chef coat and bolted for the door. Happy times !  Click here for video of the tower and don’t forget to tour the Great kitchen, where I used to rattle pans for Royal dinner.

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