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The Best Pork Tenderloin Ever !

I love pork tenderloin, but only if it is cooked and seasoned right. Otherwise it ends up tough with no flavor. It’s a great cut of meat, low in fat and cheap too. Perfect for mid week family meals. Last night I cooked two tenderloins and I can honestly say they were the best, most tender I have ever tasted. Sadly though it wasn’t due to my “professional” cooking skills… though I would like to think  that helped with the seasoning and side dishes (laughs) The reason the meat turned out so perfect was down to my cooking method ‘Sous-Vide’

First the meat is seasoned and then placed in an airtight bag



Sous-Vide involves submerging food for minutes or even days in sealed, airless bags at precisely the temperature required to produce perfect doneness. A method that produces precision cooking without the possibility of failure. The technique has available to restaurant chefs for several years now, but the home cook still seems unaware of it.

Then it goes into the Sous-Vide machine to cook. Mine had 2 hours at 137 degrees F



People think I have gone mad when I tell them that with this technique of cooking that they can prepare a steak to the same standard of the best steakhouse in town… and all at the push of a button.



Next seared in a hot pan with a little oil to caramelize




You can read more about Sous-Vide and how it works here Sous-Vide Supreme






The end result was a meat so tender and moist. If you prefer yours to be more medium rare than set the temperature to 134 degrees F


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