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Pan Seared Salmon with Sweet Chipotle Dressing

I'm rattling pans this morning on D: The Broadcast and inviting viewers to come and join me on my Culinary Trip to Napa Here's the recipe I made on the show. Quick, easy, healthy and delicious ! Pan Seared Salmon with Sweet…

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Kids in the kitchen

The saying goes in the TV world " never work with kids or animals." The animals part, I am inclined to agree with - thinking back to when the Queen would shoo the corgis into the kitchen while she had…

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Cooking for Eva Longoria

I will be rattling pans in San Antonio this weekend for Eva Longoria's "Celebrity Chef Casino Night" raising money for kids with special needs. I met Eva about a month ago while having diner at the French Laundry in Napa,…

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After the wedding

Well wasn’t the royal wedding just fabulous ? Kate looked stunning and the whole event made me feel proud to be British. Everything went went to plan and no big mistakes, at least that we know of. I have been hearing grumblings from the royal kitchens though and it appears that feathers are as ruffled as the ones in Princess Eugenie’s hat. The highlight of being a royal chef is to cater a royal wedding and churning out a few thousand sausages on sticks doesn’t count.

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