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Skirt Steak Tamales… by accident

I have some veal shanks in my Sous-Vide Supreme right now that should be ready in around 24 hours and I can’t wait to taste. I promise to post pics. Wish I could share the taste with you (laughs) Once I turned the machine on, it had me thinking about the marinated pieces of skirt steak that I had in the refrigerator and was planning on using for Fajitas. What if I dropped those in too at the 140 degrees F  I had the machine set at for the veal. Would they come out tender or overcooked ? I was thinking 130 may be a better temperature for the skirt steak. So I decided to test it.








I placed it into the water bath for 6 hours and to my surprise when it came out it had completely broken down and was pull apart fork tender. Fajitas have to have a certain chewiness to them so that ruled out me using them for that. Then I realized that I now had the most amazing filling for Tamales, so that’s what I made. Pulled the meat apart, stirred in the juices from the bag and the result was delicious !

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