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The Queen’s Favourite Cake Flavour Revealed!

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The Queen‘s favourite sweet treat has been revealed! Former royal chef Darren McGrady has confirmed that the monarch is a really big fan of chocolate biscuit cake – so much so that its leftovers have been packaged up and sent to Windsor Castle so she can enjoy them over a weekend. Speaking to HELLO! Online, Darren opened up about the Queen’s sweet tooth, saying: “The royal chefs send a whole cake up to Her Majesty every day for tea. She will sometimes take a slice and then it is never seen at the royal table again. [The cake is sent to the staff for their afternoon tea.]

“The chocolate biscuit cake is the only cake that goes up to the royal table every day until it has all gone – sometimes this means it following her to Windsor Castle for the weekend,” Darren revealed. “I remember as a young chef travelling from Paddington to Windsor one Friday morning with a half-eaten chocolate biscuit cake packed neatly and tightly in a biscuit tin, and wrapped in Clingfilm, perched on my knee with the fear of God in me that I would lose or drop the thing! It was her favourite. And when Prince William first tried it, he loved it and then requested it as his groom’s cake [at the Royal wedding in 2011].”

Darren worked at Buckingham Palace for 11 years, before moving to Kensington Palace for a further four. He previously told HELLO! that the Queen “never was a foodie” – unlike her husband Prince Philip – and that she preferred to stick to the same dishes. He also revealed that each week, a red leather-bound book of menus, written in French, would be sent to the Queen for her to check over. “She would put a line through the ones she didn’t want,” Darren said. “Sometimes she’d put a line through it all and out something different, like if she was having dinner with Prince Andrew, his favourite was crème brulee with Sandringham oranges.”

The talented chef, author of Eating Royally, concluded “Cooking at Buckingham Palace was amazing. It was everything I expected it to be. They have the most amazing produce, the best quality food, the best ingredients to work with. Just little things like picking up the phone and calling Harrods and asking for a rack of lamb with a two-inch eye of meat and six bones – you got everything you wanted.”

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