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Queens Diamond Jubilee Picnic – But it’s not authentic !

10,000 guests that have secured tickets for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace in June will each be given a picnic hamper to feast on during the concert as guests of  Her Maejsty. The contents of the basket (listed below) have been designed by Heston Blumenthal and feature his twist on modern/traditional british cuisine.

Obviously anything Heston creates is going to look and taste fabulous, but I can’t help feeling disappointed that those guests should have been treated to authentic royal dishes that Her Majesty has dined on for 60 years. Imagine sat in the gardens of Buckingham Palace feasting like a King on dishes that were prepared in the royal kitchens at Balmoral Castle, Windsor Castle, Sandringham House and the Royal Yacht Britannia and are still favorite dishes of the Queen and her family today.

So, I decided to dig out my “royal recipe books” from my eleven years rattling pans in the royal kitchens and share with you an authentic menu that you can prepare at home for your own “Diamond Jubilee Concert” watching party and enjoy with your guests along with my anecdotes about each dish and why The Queen loved it etc.

Check back soon for my REAL royal menu (including recipes) and in the mean time here’s the dishes that will be in Hestons hamper.

Chilled British Country Garden Soup
Baby plum tomato soup with red peppers and cucumber, with mint-infused oil

Tea-smoked Scottish Salmon
Lapsang Souchong tea-smoked salmon with poached Scottish salmon, lemon and creme fraiche

Diamond Jubilee Chicken
Aromatic blend of Indian mixed spices with mayonnaise, shredded chicken, coriander andd peppery nigella seeds

Served with bread rolls and butter and crudites

Sandringham Strawberry Crumble Crunch
Yoghurt with strawberries and cream with crunchy meringue and oat-crumble topping

Lemon & Caraway Madeira Cake
Traditional madeira cake with zesty lemon and aniseed

Chocolate Indulgence Cake
Light fluffy sponge with rich ganache topping, decorated with a chocolate crown and sprinkled with popping candy

Duchy Originals from Waitrose organic mature West Country farmhouse cheddar and Red Leicester Crunch with chutney and oaten biscuits

Mushroom parfait
Roasted mushroom puree blended wit port, brandy and Madeira reduction, butter and eggs, then baked until set

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