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Princess Diana’s chef recalls the day she died: ‘I had dinner prepared… She didn’t come home’

Posted on Hello Magazine. (View original article here.)

Darren McGrady, the chef who worked for Princess Diana for years, has posted a heartbreaking message on the 19th death anniversary of the late Princess. He took to Twitter to reflect on the groundbreaking moment in royal history, writing: “19 years ago today I had dinner prepared for a special lady and her boys. She didn’t come home. #RIPPrincessDiana.”

Alongside the poignant post Darren uploaded a signed photograph that he received from Prince William and Prince Harry’s mother. “To Darren, love from Diana,” it read.

The People’s Princess was just 36 years old when she died in a car accident in Paris. Darren would have been back at Kensington Palace in London at the time of Diana’s death, preparing for her return.


Darren worked for Princess Diana for four years

Darren spent four years working with the Princess and had the “honour” of watching William and Harry – now 34 and 31 – grow up.

Speaking previously to HELLO! Online, the royal chef said that although he never thought of himself as “a friend” but rather “the chef”, he did develop a natural bond with Diana.

He said it was an “honour” to watch William and Harry grow up

He said: “I was always there, so sometimes she’d come in and vent about things she wasn’t happy with. Other times I’d see her just burst into tears and it was like, ‘What do I say? What do I do?’ Other times she told a dirty, risqué joke and you think, ‘I can’t believe Princess Diana just said that!'”

Diana, William and Harry would always sit down for dinner at 6:30pm, he revealed, and the Princess would spoil her boys when they were at home.

Diana, William and Harry would always sit down for dinner at 6:30pm

“She wasn’t strict at all,” said Darren. “She let them be boys, young boys! There was always a battle between her and Nanny. Nanny would say, ‘No, they’re eating their dinner, they’re having cabbage.

“And the Princess would say, ‘No, if they’re with me and they want loaded potato skins and fried chicken then they can have that. And if they don’t eat it and they still want pudding, they can have that too!’ She was much more relaxed than Nanny.”

But when Diana was home alone without William and Harry, she’d “eat at the kitchen table, at the dining room or she’d have a tray in front of the TV,” he added.

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