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Princess Diana would have been furious about Harry

Princess Diana, had she been alive today would have been furious opening todays papers and reading about her son Prince Harry being redeployed to Afghanistan. Not because he is heading back to one of the most dangerous places in the world right now, but angry that his deployment was all over the newspapers and why.

Princess Diana battled the palace spin machine for years, sometimes winning, sometimes losing but always aware of how powerful they were. The world knowing about Harry being sent to Afghanistan prior to his arrival stinks of “grey suits” (as she called them) of the palace spin machine. In 2008 it was a well guarded secret that Harry was being deployed and  he was hurriedly withdrawn amid safety fears when news of his deployment to a small forward operating base leaked.

Four years later it’s a lot different with  a  St. James’s Palace spokesman saying…

“Prince Harry, like any soldier, considers it a great honor to represent his country in Her Majesty’s armed forces wherever it chooses to deploy him.”

The thing is though Prince Harry is not like any other soldier. To the enemy he is a huge propaganda trophy and their being informed this time of his arrival as ‘being the air support rather than calling the air support’ is worrying.

Of course, the military and the palace spin machine will tell you that letting the world know that Harry is a ‘hero’ again is nothing to do with correcting his image from the bad press that he picked up while in Vegas a short time ago.

Me, I guess I spent too long around Princess Diana. I would rather have waited until his return to see the photos and hear the stories.

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