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Princes William and Harry mourn the loss of their Nanny

Sad to hear the news that former nanny to Princes William and Harry had died of a heart attack yesterday. Olga Powell (82) had been nanny to the boys for 15 years. It only seems like yesterday the young princes were racing around Kensington Palace trying to hide from Olga. Sneaking into the kitchen to grab an ice cream without her knowing because if they ate between meals “then it should be fruit”

Olga was a “Victorian ” nanny in her ways which often conflicted with Princess Diana’s wishes that the boys grow up as normal as possible. I remember her frowns on hearing that the Princess was allowing the boys to eat dinner with the TV on. and her insistence that “pizza was junk food” and it would do them more good to have meat and green vegetables. Nevertheless, the princess  and the boys thought the world of her and so did the staff too as she went about the house like “Elsie Hughes” the housekeeper in Downton Abbey.

RIP Olga, thanks for the happy times we shared together at Kensington Palace.

olga powell

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