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Palace names the date for royal baby… sort of

So the royal baby is going to be born in July confirms Buckingham Palace as hoteliers around London start hiking up the rates for that month with the expected rush of “royalists” into London just to be there for the birth of our future King or Queen.

I already planned to be in the UK in July and am excited. Princess Diana’s birthday is July 1st and in my opinion if the baby is born then it will turn a sad day each year for Prince William into a happy one. Of course, The Duchess of Cornwall also celebrates her birthday in July too and personally, I am hoping the birth is not that day… and I tweeted so.







My royal baby tweets this morning though, didn’t go down too well with some people. UK talk show host says I am being mean.

Am I  being mean or just tweeting from the heart ?  You can chime in below or by joining in the conversations by following me on twitter….   @DarrenMcGrady

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