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Our Queen

Most people have seen the fictional movie “The Queen” where Helen Mirren does a remarkable job of playing her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Whenever I do speaking engagements or culinary events around the country I am always asked how true the movie was compared to real life at the palace.

This week saw the release of a documentary on Queen Elizabeth II (ITV Landmark documentary) that followed Her Majesty during one of the most momentous years of her reign. The first feature length royal documentary in more than 20 years and it’s amazing !

Watching this documentary brought back so many happy memories of my eleven years working in the royal kitchens at Buckingham Palace and traveling around the world with Her Majesty. In August I will be taking a Culinary Trip to London that includes a tour of Buckingham Palace, so if this has wet your appetite for more royal stories then check out my itinerary and come along with me.

Click here for the itinerary on my Culinary Trip to Royal London and Downton Abbey

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