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NOT my recipe

I posted here on my website a few days ago how excited I was that Prince William had chosen the Chocolate Biscuit Cake recipe that is in my book Eating Royally, recipes and remembrances from a palace kitchen. That is a fact, the original recipe IS in my book.

Poor choice of wording though on my behalf because I am reading stories now about it being MY recipe. It is NOT my recipe, the recipe was at Buckingham Palace LONG before I was and although I must have made the chocolate biscuit cake hundreds of times for the Queen, Prince William and the rest of the royal family I didn’t invent it.

So, apologies to those of you believing it was and who bought my book, but on the bright side, with me donating all of my advance and royalties to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (two of Princess Diana’s charitable goals were children and AIDS, so I put the two together) you guys are helping a wonderful charity.

Now I will go back to rattling pans…

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