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New Restaurant at the Anatole, Dallas

I was invited to a “taste testing” of the menu from the new restaurant SER (pronounced “SEAR” that is opening at the Hilton Anatole, Dallas in place of Nana Grill which closes in June. With probably the most breathtaking view in Dallas (the restaurant is on the 27th floor) and the consistently good food Nana has always been a favorite of mine. I have to admit though to being hesitant about attending this taste testing when I heard that SER was going to open as a steakhouse.

I am not a big fan of steakhouses, which is a shame because we have a bazillion of them in Dallas. And admittedly their is not a lot you can do on the creative flair scene when you are serving a “steak on a plate”  One thing always puzzles me though. Why do so many steakhouses insist on “saucing” the plate before it leaves the kitchen ? With just the steak, gravy/sauce/jus on the plate (along with a bit of decorative greenery) the plate always looks like my eight year olds plate when he has carried it himself to the table from the buffet. Too much to ask for synchronized pouring once the plates are on the table ? But I digress…

While most of the food served at the taste testing is still in prototype mode have to say that the food we tried was delicious. not just the appetizers, but the incredibly different side dishes that you don’t see on the “blah-blah” steakhouse menus. While no one told us not to discuss the menu items, I won’t… yet. But be assured, SER is not going to be “just another steakhouse” come October… and I am not talking about the view.


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