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Matador Meat and Wine in Plano, Texas

As much as I love living in the USA their are a few things i miss from back home in the UK. Obviously one is family and they visit and we visit as often as time allows. Two is a good fish and chips, Texas doesn’t have one. New York is about the closest place for an authentic fish fry… down in Greenwich Village. The third thing I miss from back home is a good butchers shop. One where you can go to on a Saturday morning and pick up an amazing joint of meat for Sunday dinner.

The Brits love Sunday dinner, it’s a tradition and a “roast” with Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings is something that has me looking forward to Sundays. For too long buying pre-cut vacuum packed meat has been the norm in Texas, until just recently when Matador Meat and Wine in Plano opened up. It took me a while to find them, but now you have a Royal Chef in seventh heaven. Matador is owned and run by Matt and Colleen Peterson and if you haven’t met them, then visit the store because it seems they are always there.

Matador is a traditional, old fashioned butchers shop that has behind the counter “butchers” rather than meat wrappers. Want Belly Pork ? Richard or Matt will bring out the whole side of pork on a meat hook and let you choose how much you want. Want Prime Rib, they have it, choice or prime and aged too and tell them how many bones you want cut for your roast and they will cut to order. The sausages are amazing too, not thick, chewy casing like Central market has, not fatty like Wholefoods are… Bliss !

But it’s not just the meat that I love about Matador, they have a wall full of wine too. Wines that come from the smaller vineyards that you can’t find at the larger stores. Mat and Colleen are happy to share their knowledge on the many varieties  and even do tastings on a Tuesday night.

Check out their website Matador Meat and Wine and then if you live local pay them a visit. Introduce yourself to Matt and Colleen and mention my name, they will take care of you  and I promise you won’t be disappointed with the meat or the wine.

Well that’s it from me, my Prime Rib of Beef is ready and my “Fluffy Billows” from the Meyer Winery (a suggestion from Matt) has been breathing enough and is ready for drinking. If you live in the Dallas metroplex and haven’t tried Matador yet then you are missing out…

Cheers !


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