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Foolproof Rib-Eye Steaks

Sunday always seems such a great day for pulling out the Sous-Vide Supreme. Not because it’s my day off and I have more time to cook, on the contrary. sous-vide cooking actually frees up your time to do other things while your dinner is bubbling away. And the great thing is, cooking this way allows flexibility too, so if you are running late an extra 15-30 minutes cooking time doesn’t spoil what you are cooking.

Seasoned, vacuum sealed and ready for the sous-vide machine

Check out the Rib-eye steaks that I cooked yesterday for dinner. My kids love beef medium and you can’t get more medium than these. Look at the finished product on the plate. It’s not just medium in the middle, but all the way through. Think of eating a conventionally cooked steak and how you eat from the outside and, well it’s good, but not as good as when you get to the middle (and the “doneness” you requested) That part tastes incredible. When you cook sous-vide the whole steak is the doneness you want and tastes delicious start to finish.

After four hours at 135 this is what they look like when removed from the bag



Seared for 15 seconds each side in a skillet and now ready for slicing





Fit for a Queen !





Just need a good bottle of wine to serve with the steak. Miner Oracle, my favorite !


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