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Cooking Sous Vide, nice and slow

After eating at the French Laundry and wondering how the chefs, even though talented, managed to get the meats, fish and vegetables cooked so perfect and tender I decided to research a little. Turns out they are using a fairly new technique called “Sous Vide”

When we cook steaks on the grill we rely on an intense heat that penetrates the meat from the outside and cooks through to the center until our desired temperature is reached. This results in a steak that is caramelized on the outside (good thing) and works through well done, medium well and medium to obtain a perfect “medium rare” in the center… hence the steak house phrase “the middle of the steak is warm, but red” But what if apart from the caramelized brown outsides (Maillard reaction) the whole inside of the steak was cooked to perfection and you didn’t have to worry about residual heat overcooking the steak ? That’s where Sous Vide comes in, and the results are amazing.

I will be experimenting much more with Sous Vide over the coming weeks, so keep checking back

Preparing the steaks for the Sous Vide machine
Steaks immersed into the water bath










After 6 hours in the Sous Vide machine at 134 degrees Fahrenheit and seared on the grill
Steaks cooked perfect all the way through
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