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Cooking Monkfish Sous-Vide

I can’t tell you how much I love my Sous-Vide Supreme  I love the way it takes… well, the cooking out of cooking. With this style of cooking you can cook a piece of halibut to the same perfection as Thomas Keller does at the French Laundry.  And trust me, halibut at the French Laundry is amazing.  Last night I cooked monkfish in my Sous-Vide machine  and of course, it turned out amazing.

I wrapped the monkfish in Parma Ham, vacuum packed it and cooked it in my Sous-Vide Supreme at 143 for 18 minutes. once it came out, I patted the fish dry with paper towel  and seared in a little olive oil until the Parma ham was crisp.

The never fail tender monkfish wrapped in the crispy Parma ham was a huge success at my dinner table. I served it with some marinated grilled portabella mushrooms and a tomato broth. Yum, healthy and delicious.

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