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Cooking for the Queen

The Duchess of Cornwall has launched a ‘Cook for The Queen’ competition to celebrate Her Majesty’s  Diamond Jubilee

British Food Fortnight is inviting all schools in the UK to create a special menu featuring recipes that showcase the best of British to be served to The Queen and The Duchess of Cornwall at a reception at Buckingham Palace in June. The competition is the idea of The Duchess of Cornwall ( So that means Steak Dian(a)  is off the menu) and is open to all UK school kids between 10-15.

The top four winning schools will be invited to the Palace in June to see their menus prepared by the Royal Chefs and the kids will then serve their winning dishes at a special Diamond Jubilee reception attended by The Queen.

All the schools have to do is design a menu fit for Her Majesty indigenous to their part of the country (both savoury and sweet) and the dishes have to be able to be transformed into canapés that will be served at the reception.

So, where to start ?  By asking a former Royalchef who rattled pans in her kitchens for eleven years of course !  Well obviously the food has to be local produce but it might help if you can throw in a few of The Queens’ favorites ingredients too.

Canapes at the palace have to be “bite size” (just in case you have popped one in your mouth just as Prince William turns to say hello to you.) and you can swallow it quickly. So that rules out traditional dishes like Cornish pasties which would end up being all pastry and no filling when reduced so small.

What dishes would I prepare for the Queens Diamond Jubilee if I was still in the Buckingham Palace kitchens ?  Watch this space 😉


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