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50 years loyal royal service

I was saddened to hear last week of the death of Cyril Dickman, former Palace Steward at Buckingham Palace. Mr. Dickman was 85 years old and had served the Queen for 50 years, starting life at the palace watching out for fires on the roof of Buckingham Palace during World War II and the Blitz of London.

Palace Steward Cyril Dickman with The Queen's Dresser Peggy Hoath

Cyril was loved by every member of the royal family and staff too. Downton Abbey watchers think “Mr.Carson” he reminds me so much of this wonderful man when I watch the show.

I used to partner with Cyril for the “Fancy Dress Parties” that were held at Balmoral Castle and often judged by the Queen and royal family. I think we won so many times not for our costumes but because Her Majesty got such a thrill from seeing her Palace Steward dressing up.

Princess Diana thought the world of Cyril and likewise too. Had she been alive today she would have been on the front row for his funeral yesterday. (William and Harry were too young to remember him) I was dissapointed to hear that not one member of the royal family – Prince Andrew sent his nanny – could find time to attend the funeral (just across the road from the palace in the Chapel Royal)  Peerage News  Sometimes I feel the royal family learnt nothing from the outpouring of public grief around the death of Princess Diana. Their would have been more royals in attendance at the funeral of one of Her Majesty’s Corgis.

Cyril Dickman dedicated 50 years of his life to the royal family, seeing them come and go every day. Was it really asking too much for just one of them to be there to see him take his final journey ?

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