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Fit for Royalty Gala in Tennessee

October 22, 2011.   I will be rattling pans at the Tennessee Food and Wine Festival   The event is a two-day annual event featuring educational sessions, gourmet food and a special Saturday Expo at the Knoxville Convention Center providing opportunities to sample and buy Tennessee food products and wines grown through the south.

As well as preparing the Fit for Royalty Gala Dinner which includes a 5 course dinner and wine pairings I will be hosting a kids cooking class too. Watch this space for the pics. 

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Remembering Princess Diana at 50

On July 1st when Prince William and Kate’s plane touches down in Canada on the couples first official foreign state visit as husband and wife, many people will be thinking “if only things had been different” I am not referring…

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Talking State Banquets on CNN

I was explaining what goes on behind the scenes at a Buckingham Palace State banquet on CNN's BackStory. Tonight President Obama will host a return State banquet at Winfield House, the American Ambassadors residence in Regent's Park. What's funny about…

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After the wedding

Well wasn’t the royal wedding just fabulous ? Kate looked stunning and the whole event made me feel proud to be British. Everything went went to plan and no big mistakes, at least that we know of. I have been hearing grumblings from the royal kitchens though and it appears that feathers are as ruffled as the ones in Princess Eugenie’s hat. The highlight of being a royal chef is to cater a royal wedding and churning out a few thousand sausages on sticks doesn’t count.

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Darren on Oprah Winfrey Show

I was thrilled to be invited to be part of Oprah's Royal Wedding Party and asked to make a three tier "grooms cake" using the recipe from my book Eating Royally. This is of course the recipe Prince William chose…

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