Eating Royally in Tuscany

June 8-16, 2017

Join Chef Darren McGrady, former Chef to Princess Diana and the British Royal Family on his 11th Culinary Trip, “Eating Royally” in Tuscany!

The Royal Chef will guide you through the breathtaking sights, smells and tastes of Tuscany, revisiting and sharing his favorite places in Siena and Modena.

Some of the highlights of this exclusive tour…

  • TWO hands-on cooking classes using foods from local farms
  • Tours and tastings at some of the fabulous Brunello wineries
  • Visiting a saffron farm and artisanal balsamic vinegar poducer
  • Guided walking tours through local markets
  • Watching the production of Parmesan cheese and tastings

Then we head south to explore the Amalfi Coast, sampling delicious seafood, famous pizzerias, mozzarella cheese and the citrus groves of Sorrento. Limencello anyone?

For more information, or to reserve your spot, please contact:

Southlake Travel
(817) 657-9866